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Global Version Xiaomi Mi WIFI Router 3

Processor: MT7620A
ROM: 128MB SLC Nand Flash
Memory: 128MB DDR2
2.4G WiFi : 2X2 (IEEE support 802.11N protocol, the highest rate of up to 300Mbps)
5G WiFi: 2X2 (IEEE support 802.11AC protocol, the highest rate of up to 867Mbps)
Antenna : An omnidirectional multi vibrator high gain antenna 4 (2.4G 5dBi 2 5G - maximum gain maximum gain of 6dBi 2)
2.4GHz and 5GHz dual frequency
Protocol standard: IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, IEEE 802.3/3u
Wireless security: WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryption, wireless access control (black list), SSID hide.

Machine interface:
1*USB 2 interface (DC output:5V/1A)
2*10/100M LAN (Auto MDI/MDIX) adaptive
1*10/100M WAN (Auto MDI/MDIX) adaptive
1*red / Blue / yellow lights LED
1*system restore factory settings button
1*power input interface

Package include:
1 x Xiaomi Router 3
1 x Power (12V/1A)
1 x English User Guide

A new four antenna design, 802.11ac dual band concurrent, 3 times faster than ordinary WiFi, 128MB large Flash configuration, exclusive App easy to use and funny, anywhere convenient to manage

Antenna as a core component, is particularly important for the quality of router signal. We used 4 external omni-directional multi oscillator high gain antenna for the Mi router. This antenna design in the dual frequency performance enhancement is particularly good, 2.4GHz maximum gain of 5GHz, 5dBi is up to 6dBi, the signal gain is more than ever before.

As home Internet equipment is increasing, the stability of the router is particularly important. Our breakthrough mi router 3 Internal Flash capacity upgrade to 128MB, 8 times the upgrade of the general router not only bring up to 126 Internet equipment Connection, but also for the stable operation of more functional plug-ins to provide a guarantee, effectively reduce the number of times the router to restart.

Internet control
Network world is too exciting. If you are worried that your children may addict to the net world, you can set fixed time for the child’s access to the Internet through the router App equipment , and plan scientific and rational schedule.

WiFi- anti freeloader
If a new device connects to your router, your App will receive a message notification. If it is not an equipment from your family, you can easily pull the stranger into blacklist to protect security of your WiFi at home.

Anti leakage
Automatic interception of local area network virus / Trojan network request, to prevent the virus / Trojan upload user privacy data

Anti crack
Automatic intercept any attempts to crack the router device. Prevent tampering with the router configuration and protect network security

Anti virus
Automatic detect if there is a risk of virus for the terminal download file

Anti hijacking
Prevent router domain name resolution
Be hijacked to phishing sites, Trojan sites

Anti malicious web site
Automatically block the presence of malicious code of the site. Prevent the use of browser vulnerabilities implanted virus and protect the system security


Download the App
Manage your router anytime and anywhere.
Please download the App from Google Play/App Store or by scanning the QR code below;
PC/Mac client can be downloaded from miwifi .com.

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