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About Global Xiaomi Community

Xiaomi Community is a place for Xiaomi Fans to ask and answer questions, discuss Xiaomi products and get the latest news from Xiaomi and its ecosystem partners. The website is your daily source of information on all the things that happen within Xiaomi (Mi, MIUI and the ecosystem). Follow different threads for updates regarding press releases or launch announcements. And most importantly, interact with fans like yourself, share your Xiaomi experience and learn stories of others.

www.globalxiaomi.com is set up and operated by YunJIE LLC.

Although the community has Xiaomi name on its door, it is completely led by Mi Fans. The idea was to create a space that Mi Fans would also call home, where they could feel comfortable, meet new friends, post reviews and simply have fun! 

We know that some of you have also been spending time on Global MIUI and we appreciate that! Xiaomi Community web page is a lively and friendly Mi Fans’ gathering spot to have real, unfiltered conversations just about anything. Free access to first-hand information about Xiaomi and ecosystem partners is not the only perk of Xiaomi Community. You can also get invitations to product-launch events, parties and Xiaomi shops/Mi home shops, win gifts, get priority access to new products and much more. 

INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT XIAOMI Lei Jun billionaire co-founder of the company, to date, the incumbent CEO, Jobs called the Chinese. He owns more than 30% of the shares Xiaomi Tech. To reduce operating costs the company touts its products through microblogging, social networking and meeting with like-minded stakeholders. However, in 2013 the company has opened two own “offline” -shops in Beijing and Zhuhai, where you can buy products Xiaomi. Produced by phone use in China is so popular that the Chinese producers were victims of counterfeiting. Sales of its smartphones, which the company provides to its website is a matter of the number of minutes. Sales in the Chinese market is also impressive. According to estimates of the company Xiaomi, 20000000 fans daily load up to 5 million applications from the company’s online store. 

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